Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red Cross Donations

Choose emergenza liguria toscana - but there is nothing yet specifically for us here in Monterosso.
Another morning here - haven't gone down yet because I realized that maybe the first few days we weren't as stringent about washing our hands and such as we should have been, not realizing how serious this was. The water that we've been cleaning and immersing ourselves in is full of rotten food, meat, feces and god knows what else, as if that all wasn't good enough. So now that we have water, however questionable it may be, I'm washing everything on insanely high temperatures and went on an ammonia cleaning spree. No dysentery for me, thank you very much.
So, after this fun start to the morning, I'm going to help with the Cantina. The Parco Nazionale donated hoodies, waterproof pants, gloves and masks and - thank goodness - waterproof boots. Manuel's cousin is coming from Genoa today with friends to help as well, and bring us more cleaning supplies - and hopefully some hand sanitizer.
I'll post later. Thanks again, everyone, so so much for all your support.

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  1. Good morning, Christine. Gram and Cindy here, thinking of you. Have seen the pictures and the videos, and we are so happy that you are safe. Keep posting, and letting us know how you and Manuel and the family are doing. Gram sends her love and says that she is doing well. She has been here with us for a few weeks, on holiday! Uncle Charles is getting tires for the car. He is well. They are predicting SNOW here for us today (before Halloween). We think of you everyday and hold you in our hearts! Love, Gram & Aunt Cindy