Saturday, October 29, 2011

And just like that...

...the water is gone :(

Photos: Top left, inside of Church St. G. Battista, Middle, Piazza Matteolli, up Via V. Emanuele and Via Buranco, far right, up Via Roma.
Above Left, view of the train from the Old Town, Above Right more Church inside.

The amount of work being done in the Old Town is staggering. Above left, the playground in the old town. Middle, what we're walking on. Far right, used to be the beach where you take the ferry to the other 4 towns. Right here is the side of the Church, where the water crested seen on the higher line on the Church wall in the photo on the right. You're more in danger of getting run over by a bulldozer then anything else. However, the amount of work WE have to do at the B and B and Cantina is just as staggering. All the basement storage is getting tossed out today, and we spent 8 hours sorting through muddy gunk to figure out what we can salvage. Also, again, sanitation is weighing heavily on my mind, but we're doing what we can...

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