Sunday, October 30, 2011

I wish i had...

Hot water. Water in general.
Fresh vegetables. A salad of any sort.
A vacation this year.
A restaurant to run still.
A clean beautiful town like it was 6 days ago.
A lightly toasted everything bagel with lox, veggie cream cheese, a slice of tomato and capers, a tuna avocado sushi roll, a steaming bowl of pho, my mom's chicken soup, a glass of red wine IN A GLASS NOT A PLASTIC CUP, hot chai tea, Rocio in my kitchen cooking mexican food, a pumpkin ale...
Dry, clean clothes. Warm jeans from a clothes dryer.
A time machine.
A way to help the Old Town more. We're so busy cleaning up our own mess. This goes for Vernazza too.
A way to take Manuel and his whole family on a warm sunny vacation.
My family, but not here, it's a mess.
Veggie samosas.
A yoga class - Tara Stiles in my living room.
fluency in Italian.
a way to stop it from raining more on Tuesday.

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