Friday, October 14, 2011

Pancakes Italian Style

Pancakes with Nutella and fresh strawberries...we are having our water heater replaced, and I made a batch of pancakes for Manuel and I this morning. We're not breakfast eaters, so the 7 pancakes were too much. The men working on the water heater were the happy recipients of the leftovers.

The conversation went like this (in Italian):
Manu: Guys, here, try these "pancakes", it's a type of bread with Nutella.
Guys: Oh, no, we couldn't we're working...etc, etc, etc

Manuel leaves pancakes. Silence ensues from bathroom.

After a few minutes...
Guys from the bathroom: Manu, excuse me, you made these?
Manu: No, Cri did.
Guys: Marry her.

End of story, and more proof that in the absence of maple syrup, Nutella makes everything taste better.

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