Monday, October 31, 2011

piano, piano

You'll see Manuel in many of these pictures. It's to give you an idea of the scope of the height of the mud and the dirt. As you can see from the earlier photos, things are getting done. But, it is, as they say, piano piano.
Directly below (there is no way to say this delicately) is our "poop drop off point" - hence, cacca. In Italy, toilets can't function if there is no incoming water. Unlike in the US, it's a problem that is not solved simply but filling up the tank with a bucket. This is, clearly, a huge sanitation concern.

Below is a photo taken at Lorenzo's restaurant. You've seen it here before, and may have read about it. Ciak is as famous as Manuel's family's Ristorante Miky, and they have, as the sign reads, lost everything.

The view into Fast Bar after almost a week of removing the mud, which reached about half a foot below the ceiling.
The view up Via Roma...
The view south down Via Roma.
Manuel, on the far right, shows how high the mud and water ran. The trench in the middle of the road is the work that has been done since Tuesday to clean out Via Roma.
Via Roma. To the left is the post office.
The post office. You can now see why sending us supplies in the mail simply is not going to work.
More post office. This isn't a garage view - This is the street, and how high the mud rose. The have been bulldozing all day to get this pathway cleared.


  1. Thanks for the updates! I've been to Cinque Terre for a week, 3 years in a row. It is such a special place on Earth. The pictures are overwhelming. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Do you know how Ristorante Ely has weathered the storm?

  2. Thank you so, so much. We need them!
    Ely is in the Old Town, as you know, and sustained damage from the mud that has ruined many of the businesses there. Everything was damaged by the mud, and they are working hard to rebuild what they can. They are safe, but, like the rest of us, trying to dig out and figure out how we can fix this mess.