Friday, October 28, 2011

La Cantina, little by little

I am exhausted. From sun up to way past sun down we have been working in a revolving group (save for the De Finas and I) of people to clear out the Cantina. We started at 8 am. It's now about 11. So forgive me, but I'm just too tired to write very much. To the left is the Cantina at the end of the day. The water was about 6 inches above the well there. To the far left is the bar as it looks now.
Below here is todays news, a community looking on to the work, and some lunch from the restaurant for all of us.
And the lower right is the bottles from the Cantina. Most were, oddly, intact, which is good. Unfortunately, we can't sell anything without a label, so it might as well be ruined...either that, or when this is over, we have A LOT of drinking to do.

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