Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things we have...

Well-timed and creative rest breaks, as you can see by Ema's relaxing.
Fashion. La moda di Monterosso this month is rubber rain boots and jeans, and they have to be muddy. Yellow fishermen suits and fire or army uniforms are, of course, also very hip. On a side note, I hunted far and wide for beautiful rubber rain boots this fall that everyone wrinkled their noses at in disgust - "How ugly, Cri!" Little did they know what a trendsetter I'd become, just one week before.

Rhythm. As you can see, Ema and Piero are dancing while power hosing and cleaning the Cantina. Not easy on a slippery metal gate!A free Via Molinelli - the mud line still remains on the garage doors.
Beautiful fall foliage overlooking a stubbornly large and undraining puddle.
The world's most picturesque garbage drop off...
Soccer! (on the right)
And, clearly, a sense of humor to go along with it all.

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