Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Facebook Effect

I read something recently that said that due to Facebook and the popularity of social media in the world, we are getting closer. That whole "6 degrees of separation" is now something like 4.3. Being in the United States for a little while has meant many reunions with friends and family and former co-workers, many of which who have run up to me asking about the flood. A visit to the bar I used to bartend at turned into a sad reunion of sorts, as many of my former "regulars" spend the majority of our visit asking questions about Monterosso, Vernazza and the recovery effort and progress. I was really surprised and heartened, again, to see how many people are cheering us along.
What I was also really inspired to see was the amount of people that told me they forwarded an article, my blog, a You Tube link or Rick Steves article about our recovery to their friends, telling them to pass it on to THEIR friends, and so forth. When this all gets figured out and we're back to our beautiful little beach town, we're going to need all the visitors we can get. So, use that 4.3 degrees of separation. And I hope to see you all next summer :)

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