Monday, November 14, 2011

And the mountain keeps growing

This morning inside the Cantina...we got everything out, as you can see
What our "ocean front" dining looks like now.
What we can save in the kitchen. Ha.
All of this needs to be taken out.
Two days after the flood - the water still hadn't gone down.
Happier times this summer
Ema and Elia at our mojito party in August behind the bar
One of our dinner and concert nights this summer
Terra Mia release party and concert
What the entrance used to look like...and will look like again :)

Just when it seems like we've really started to make some progress with cleaning up this flood mess, the work pile keeps growing. We're closing up the restaurant and have cleaned five of the six rooms in the bed and breakfast, which was a nightmare. We had to go through every single thing - lamp, picture frame, foot of a chair - and clean it. Then bleach it. Then clean it again. Then dry it. Then sanitize it. Then move it to another room that had already been cleaned and sanitized. Then clean the walls. Then clean the ceiling. Then clean the floor. Then bleach the walls...

You get the idea.

So, now it's more then a little daunting to tackle the Cantina, which sustained the most damage. Though we didn't have mud, we had water that didn't drain for a few days, which as I've said, ruined everything. The effect is the same - mud or not. All we have an empty space we need to build again, and we've started with the kitchen.

I wanted to post these pictures as we rebuild, so you guys can see what we started with, what we have left, and how much we need to do. Then, when we have our fantastic reopening party in April for next season, you can all "oooh" and "aaaah" at how much work we did to fix everything here. I have no doubt we'll do it. It's not easy work, but it's getting done - together. And I'm learning all sorts of handy words like bleach (candeggina) and ammonia (ammoniaca) as well as learning to work a power washer. Certainly not things I thought I'd learn when I moved to Italy, but again, the word of the year is "adaptability".

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