Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help Restore Monterosso

Donation website from a fantastic girl with close ties to our community here, raising money to help out Monterosso...using some of my pictures and anecdotes so more Americans can become aware of how dramatic the devastation is and how long a road we need to walk to rebuild our town.

Also, some other blogs covering what's going on here, the latter on poor Vernazza:


  1. hi - Are you alright ? I called you today but there was no answer. I have re-posted the fund link.
    hugs to all,
    stay safe !

  2. Yes, I"m fine. As I've said before, I have no way to recharge my hone, and if I don't answer, I'm more then likely running towards the phone waiting for you to call if I don't answer, just call a second time :)