Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Wall

The wall that we have taken on as one of the projects to rebuild Monterosso al Mare is getting ready to go!  As I've written before, the wall will be made of handcrafted stones (handcrafted, in fact, by the pottery shop that Manuel's Aunt and Uncle, Diego and Milla, along with their partner, Franz, have in the Old Town) engraved with names and messages, and will be a lasting symbol in Monterosso.  It's a great way to make sure that you always have a seafront view of town, one way or another :)

We have enough stones to start building and have picked out a beautiful seafront location, overlooking, in my opinion, the park of the beach with the most shockingly blue water. 

Thank you to everyone who donated, and for those who want to buy a stone still, the link can be accessed through Buongiorno Monterosso (the Italian version of Rebuild Monterosso, but the "wall" page is in English, don't worry).

The link can be accessed here.


  1. Christine, can you buy a stone when visiting the town in June, I would love to do that and see it finished while I am there. how nice it would be to be appart of something so special. not long now and I will be visiting, I hope that you have the Cantina open buy June 4th, Looking forward to meeting you. have a great few months and see you soon. Denise

  2. Absolutely you can buy one when you are here - but, they are hand crafted by the pottery shop in the Old Town, so it takes a few days. So, if you ordered one, you wouldn't see it made and put on the wall for a week or so, that's the only thing. And we are hoping to have the Cantina open by April 25th, fingers crossed!
    Best! Christine :)

  3. Thanks Christine, will go to the sight and try and arrange it so its there when we come over. will come to the Cantina and say Hi when we are there. Blessings to you.