Friday, March 23, 2012

Get ready, get set...

This article was posted today on about how we are readying ourselves here in the Cinque Terre for the upcoming season, which is pretty much upon us.  Time flies when your digging out of mud and rebuilding a town.  The atricle can be found here, and though we are still doing a lot of work, the bed and breakfast, A Ca Du Gigante is open, and the restaurant is in the final stages of preparations.  Our little underground Cantina, however, needs the most work and is still getting rebuilt, so hopefully we'll be back in the swing of things by May.  Greeting guests at the B&B, I was a little thrown off how few knew what happened here, and how hard we've worked to get back to a semblance of where we were.  I answered questions, showed pictures on Rebuild Monterosso, and explained the state of the trails many times this week, and though people were originally trepedatious about their visit here, they all left smiling.  "You guys are all so lucky to live here", remarked our first guests, smiling.  In spite of all the mud that has turned to dust around them, the sun still shines and the ocean still sparkles.  And the people still smile.  We are lucky.


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