Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting things done!

Ok, it's not exactly a "boardwalk" so to speak, but it is a street!

Via Roma is almost finished, as the street is being replaced by wooden panels in the parts that were still opened from the flood, as it's not allowed to build a solid asphalt street over a canal, which was our big problem here in Monterosso.  Many other communities were damaged, yes, but Monterosso has the unique problem of having it's streets built 10 or so feet over old canals, so there is water underneath - not dirt.  The unique problem required a unique solution, and here it is...

It's amazing to see a street again.

Also, photos have been put up around town of what that exact part of town looked like the days after the flood so visitors can see how far we've come.  Even though I saw it all, it's still staggering to have a photo in front of your eyes of the damage, then look around and see smiles and clean streets. 

On a more personal level, the Cantina is coming along wonderfully.  We've finished reconstructing the old well in the middle of the dining room, and now have walls and a kitchen.  After being submerged in water and mud for several days, I was doubtful I'd see it start to look like our business again, but the "little Cantina that could" is really coming together.  Progress feels so wonderful.
Highlighting our beautiful well in the oldest wine cantina in this part of Monterosso.

The walls at the Cantina had to be removed and rebuilt.  Here they are!


  1. Cristtine;
    So glad to see such great progress the town has come a long way. Good that they did post pictures of what happened for those who have no idea of what a distater you all had to live with and come back from.
    The road looks great and as far as that board walk feel, be glad its not the Jersey shore.
    Thanks again for writing

  2. Haha - the jersey shore wasn't looking so bad after this mess, but I'm so glad it's getting back to normal :)