Saturday, March 3, 2012

Highlights from the past 48 hours

The tedious task of hanging the laundry outside is always easier
with such an amazing sky.

Homemade foccacia with stracchino cheese smeared on top,
my current favorite snack.

Suitcase smuggled Mexican products  - necessary for steak tacos.
Salsa, corn tortillas, cholula hot sauce (and, of course some Italian concessions,  such as the caponata and cheese) 

A beautiful sunset from the street that winds down into Monterosso.  The picture doesn't do it justice, as
you can see the Western part of Liguria in the distance, but it doesn't really come out in the photo.  The region hooks around like a boomerang, which means on clear days, you can see across the sea towards the coast of France and the other part of Liguria, towards San Remo and Imperia.  Combined with streaking shades of vivid pinks and orange peeking from behind the mountains, it's always a moment to pause and smile.

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