Friday, March 9, 2012

My favorite view

It's no sweeping seascape.  You can't see Corniglia, majestic and romantic, hanging on the cliffs in the background.  The pink and yellow of Vernazza doesn't peek out from afar.  Punta Mesco isn't looming over a blue sea and a streaking sunset, competing for attention in their beauty.
It is, in fact, an old cave that was a cellar to keep the salted anchovies in.  Just off the tunnel, it sneaks through the rock that separates the Old and New Towns.  Coming from the New Town, it's on the right, and as your eyes have adjusted to the long, dim tunnel, and you start to see the houses of the Old Town, colorful and hugging each other on the other side, the worn metal door in the side of the tunnel is easy to miss.  Dark, heavy doors creak open, and the small cave just off the tunnel is shocking in it's shadowiness, but more so when the blue of the ocean and the sky at the other end are seen in contrast.
I love this view.
I love that it was an old anchovy storage place.  I love that my boyfriend's grandmother remembers keeping the salted anchovies here to cure.  I love that it feels like a secret, and the steep steps on the other end wind down to the pier.

But most of all, it's like a little surprise, and a reminder that breathtaking views are harder to avoid then to find in Monterosso.


  1. Christine, thanks for letting on, I do know of the door you speak of and always wondered where it went. Also I was wondering if you knew anything of the web cam thats from the Cingue Terre Hotels sight, it seems to have stopped on 2-26-2012, or is there something wrong on my end, I've also lost the cam from the Hotel Croce di Malta in Florence. Maybe Italy is trying to tell me something. I very much enjoy you story on Genoa have only been through on the train, nice to hear something about it
    Thanks Bob

  2. I don't know anything about the webcam, and I didn't even know there was one, haha. If I find anything out I'll let you know!