Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How does her garden grow!

Manuel very sweetly gifted me with a garden for my birthday last weekend.  We don't have any outdoor space except for our little terrace, and as I came home from work on my birthday, I walked outside to walls covered in planters full of herbs and vegetables and fruits.  I've long wanted to get into gardening, but not actually having a single square inch of dirt to plant in really hampered that desire.  There is just something about life in Liguria that makes me want to be more hands on.  Maybe it's because so many people grow things or make things themselves, but it makes me want to try too.  Mushroom foraging? A dream of mine.  So is the wine harvest this year.  
These are things that are so normal with the seasons here, but so unique and interesting to me.  Though foraging and harvesting might still be a little far off for me, I certainly can water some plants.
Today, thanks to a bit of sun, I enjoyed the fruits of our labor, eating a summer salad with fresh fruit from the market and kumquats from our little garden.


  1. Beautiful to be able to grow food, I just finished planting our garden and look foward to our bounty at the end of the season. Nothing like fresh pesto that was in the ground just minutes before, do enjoy your birthday gift and may it reward you with many fresh meals and memories, and by the way happy belated birthday!

  2. Thank you! And enjoy your pesto - but don't fill up too much, you will have more then your share here :)