Thursday, June 20, 2013

Container free!

Helicopters have been swooping back and forth from the parking lot here in Fegina (by the soccer field) to up atop the mountain dividing the village, bringing up supplies as they rebuild the walls that crumbled down from the convent above. The containers that lined Via Fegina leading up to the tunnel to the Old Town have finally been removed, as most of the work has been completed and the slip stabilized.  It's a nice feeling, watching the containers trekked one by one out of the village.
The work isn't yet done, but the part requiring protection for the people walking underneath has finished and Padre Renato and his brothers on top of the hill do need all the help that they can get.  Though the local kids are doing their part with lemonade stands and even stands selling local herbs in the piazza, you can help out as well.  The site of the convent is located here in English, with more photos of the landslide, ongoing construction, and the history of this little part of paradiso.

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