Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It's been a hectic 3 days.
The Cantina opened, but with a whole new kitchen and staff, it seems like more of an opening of a totally new restaurant then a re-opening.  Manuel and I know how we need to work, but it's not easy translating that in Italian to every other employee, kitchen and floor staff.  We were totally busy right off the bat, and the staff was slammed, having never been really trained in an actually dinner situation at the Cantina.

Finally, last night, the service went flawlessly, the servers "in prova" (or on trial) that didn't work out were sent home, and we seem to have a staff that has gotten itself together.  Last night, the tables were smiling, laughing, and full of compliments.  I explained to the staff that THIS is the Cantina - we never had a single complaint last year, so it was hard to get the opening night jitters out of the way for everyone, but I'm glad we seem to have found our rhythm.  People hugged us as they left, took pictures, yelled happy compliments to the kitchen - it's such a great feeling.

Then, this morning, this review popped up on TripAdvisor.  I know, it's just a review, but it really, truly made my day.

"While in Monterosso, this cantina is an absolute must. A treasure in every way. The food is delectable with a taste that satisfies any craving palate; the service is impeccable with great attention. Ask Christine about her story of the cantina, as well as what brought her to Monterroso. The ambience is wonderful, music is inviting, food is second to none, and, most of all, as a customer you are given great service and a taste of why this island is a treasure in the Cinque Terre. We made a second visit on our second night in Monterosso just for drinks at closing hour, and they were still very inviting and catering despite it being past closing time. I recommend this gem to everyone who visits Monterosso as you will come away with lasting memories of the food, the people, and the story about this cantina and their recent persevering history."

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  1. fantastic christine, you guys will be totaly run off your feet this comming summer, I am so looking forward to eating, drinking and meeting you all. and i will be taking lots of photo's to share back in Austrlia with all my Friends. your hard work has paid of and that is so fantastic.