Sunday, April 8, 2012

The weather report

The weather has been a little spotty this week.  I've commented before on how the temperature can change here dramatically during the day, but that applies to rain and sun as well.  Despite all of the local weather forecast folklore and whatever meteo report you read in the morning, there is literally no way to say what is going to happen in Monterosso.  My normal American self thinks, "Scary black cloud, go inside, run, get an umbrella, take the laundry in.  Now".  But, despite all of the scary (and scarily beautiful) black clouds this week looming over Monterosso al Mare, none of them led to rain.  The skies cleared, the sun poured out of fluffy white clouds, the black clouds scattered...

and then it rained overnight, just when I put the clothes back outside.
Non-withstanding this minor inconvenience, it makes for wonderful photos and a breathtaking sky.

Thursday morning

Walking on the beach or fleeing the scary cloud?

Easter afternoon sky

The mare agitato last night (rough sea) meant the sand colored the sea a beautiful foggy aqua that is incredible against the grey sky

I apologize to anyone who waited a minute for a table while I was outside taking pictures :)

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  1. Cristine;

    Let them wait, take the picture, I'll be happy to wait next time I'm there!

    Thanks again