Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just a few more reasons to love October...

Cabbage season is upon us...hello, kim chi

And romanian cabbage soup with dill dumplings...

The temperature has dropped just enough to turn the oven on and not roast myself along with my desserts...
Maple syrup, apple and bourbon bread pudding with sea salt caramel sauce

Butterscotch pudding
Espresso chocolate cupcakes with mocha buttercream

I have the following things all to my happy self...
My favorite reading rock by the Gigante

My favorite table at Pie' Du Ma in Riomaggiore

My sunset at my favorite table with no one jockeying for the best position to photograph it

My favorite rock.  And no one else around it.


Sharing the sea with a few pirates.

The long stretch of beach free of umbrellas...the private beaches have closed for the season

This view...

...and this one.

I suppose I should be touting the joys of being here in October - taking the risk of a few rainy days but having these amazing views and clear but chilly blue sea to yourself is worth it.
But in all honesty, I quite like having it all to myself for a few beautiful days a year.  So, stay home.
October is wonderful.  Aside from the fact that you do run the risk of hitting some rainy, miserable days, the clear ones really make you just walk out of your house, look at the sea, and smile.  

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