Monday, March 4, 2013

Words of wisdom

In my time here bedridden, I've been fortunate to get to spend time with Manuel's grandmother. Around 4 pm she usually will pop her head in and bring me a hot cup of tea and some cookies, and we sit for a little bit and chat. Almost everyday she says something that makes me either crack up laughing, because she's a sharp lady, or tear up because she's an adorable grandma, as most tend to be.
We are sitting by the window (correction, I'm lying in bed by the window and she's sitting) watching the clouds roll in, discussing how its supposed to rain the day after tomorrow.
She shrugs, sips her tea, and tells me that they have an old proverb that when punta mesco (the big mountain lumbering to the right of the village) wears a "hat" (of clouds that is) rain is due.
I traded proverbs with things like, "it's raining like cats and dogs" and "April flowers bring May showers".
She sat quietly listening, laughing a little at the image of cats and dogs falling from the sky, and then raised herself up to bring the teacups into the kitchen.
As she turns back towards me, she pauses. "Cri, we have another
important one here in Italy."
"Oh yeah?" I reply, waiting for sage wisdom from sailors about clouds and such.
With a chuckle she replies, "when it open your umbrella".
The wisdom of Italian grandmothers never ceases to make me smile.


  1. Ciao mi chiamo Beppe Risso e sono un giornalista. Mi interessa la tua storia e mi piacerebbe intervistarti. Se mi contatti via mail ti spiego tutto. Mi trovi qui grazie e a presto

  2. Oh how I loved reading this. It is such a Blessing for you to have these visits and to be able to share your time with such a special lady.
    I must say that I love the sharing of sayings for around the world. we have some in common with Cats and Dogs, LOL
    one from Aussie about laying around is (Flat out like a lizzard Drinking) I have no Idea why that came to pass but i guess its becouse they lay so flat when they drink. :)
    (I'm up a creek without a paddel is another one I giggle at.)
    keep sharing you jouney with us, it brings such joy to read your Blog,
    Blessing your way Christine.

    XO Denise (Aussi Girl)