Friday, November 23, 2012

so much to be thankful for...

Thanksgiving, the quintessential American holiday, is a very special and bittersweet time for me to be back in the US with my family.  Though this year has brought us many blessings and sorrows, I am forever thankful for what we do have, and the wonderful people in my life, even those who are no longer with me.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (even those who don't celebrate it)!

And, of course, the requisite turkey picture...

 Followed by a bit of our "cross cultural" celebration - American craft beers and Italian wines.  Salute!

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  1. Christine;
    How true there is so much for all of us to be thankful for and we really should'nt wait for one day to notice, as I feel you haven't. you and your family and friends have gone through so much in the last year and are still standing and thats just one thing to be thankful for, as well as the love you share for each other. I would like to thank you for writing this blog for us and giving a personal insight of the life in another country with all its day to day, and its beauty, thank you. I do look foward to hearing more.
    Did Manuel go with you to the states this time or did all the drama of black friday scare him away, or perhaps he's grabing a sale at Paramus Park right now.
    Enjoy your visit and have a safe trip back.