Thursday, October 25, 2012

rome and then home.

After a short trip (really, less then 24 hours) to Rome to see off a visiting friend and do some shopping, I took the 6 am superfast train home, and arrived in Monterosso on a day that is hard to forget.

One year ago, the flood hit the village changing my life, and everyone else's.  We commemorated the day by closing all businesses in the town from 11-6, which, as I arrived off the train, squinting into the sun and looking at mud boots, sand bags and white flowers scattered through the empty streets to honor the day, it really hit me.  I headed to the old town, where everyone had gathered after the procession of the Madonna of Soviore, one of the most revered religious symbols in Liguria, was carried down from it's sanctuary over the village for a rare procession through town.  Quietly looking at pictures, sitting in the Church and praying, lighting a candle for a loved one, sharing a glass of wine in the all too familiar plastic cup surrounded by uniformed volunteer workers, people observed the importance and significance of this in their own personal ways.

The loss the town felt - and still feels - was staggering.  But today, in the piazza again under a tent, eating along side on paper plates as a community, I was again reminded of how far we have come, and that miracles come true.

Especially in Monterosso.


  1. Thank you for sharing that Christina, wow 1 year it seems longer and yet you and the people of the Cinque terre have done an amazing job in pulling your town's and community's through it all. I feel blessed to have walked the streets and met the people and been touched by the amazing Love and honour for your town's and people's. what you all have is so very very special and has impacted me greatly in my own life after my trip in June. May the greatness that has come out of it and the courage and blessing of community be what you carry forward as you travel the years ahead.
    thank you for sharing the photo's again they are so special. blessings
    Denise (Aussie Girl)

  2. grazie denise - you are always so kind :)

  3. I thought of you on October 25 as Hurricane Sandy approached. I'd meant to drop you a line to say we remembered. Of course, then we got hit and I had an inkling of what you and Monterosso had endured. I seem to remember you're a Jersey girl. I hope everyone here in the States is ok. Luckily, we just lost power for thirteen days. Some friends have lost their homes. In the midst of all the destruction and the terror of falling treese and power lines, and worst, the storm surge, it was a bittersweet feeling to have the community join together in compassion and support as we clean up, share food and batteries and rebuild.