Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sail away

My Aunt and Uncle are here, and as a delayed birthday present, Manuel rented a sailboat with a skipper to take us around the area.  We sailed as far as the small islands by Portovenere, stopping for swims along the way (the weather was about 30 degrees, so swim stops were very much needed), and we had a simple lunch prepared by our skipper.
Our boat waiting for us

Corniglia from the sea


A Madonna in the ocean.  With a seagull on her head.

Ciao, boat.  See you soon, I hope.
For a girl who can't swim very well, I have always been enamored by water and boats, and sailboats are now at the top of my list.  It really is the best way to appreciate how small and special these towns are, as they peek out from giant rock formations that crash into the sea, sloping down from terraced vineyards.  I'm glad I got to share it, finally, with some of my family.

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