Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cool things about living next to Tuscany

A T-Bone by any other name, the fiorentina is a huge cut of meat that is obviously needed to be shared.  It consists of both the tenderloin/filet and the strip steak, along with a hearty "T" shaped bone (get it?).  It's one of the best things about going to visit Tuscany, as 2 of these, 8 homemade sausages, pork ribs, 2 kg of prosciutto and some pork cutlets all together cost under 50 euro.  Cooked in a grill pan with the fat from the steak coating the pan, it's served rare, lightly coated with sea salt - and that's it.  Olive oil and pepper are optional, but it really says something about the quality of the meat when all you need is just some salt - a bottle of red wine and some bread and you've got yourself dinner.

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