Monday, September 12, 2011

Le Domande Del Giorno

Americans are back in full swing for the remainder of the season, as I've mentioned, and along with them come the usual excellent questions.
Just a sampling of what was asked of me tonight, aside from the usual "Are you American? Why are you here?"
Which, not to be misunderstood, I certainly don't mid answering. I love to talk, and I know my story is unique and more then a little romantic. However, there are a few that are a little difficult, annoying, or perplexing to answer - and these are just from tonight:
1. Are you an illegal alien?
2. Are your parents busy businesspeople? Because I'm a stay at home mom and I'd never let my daughter move out of the U.S. - I'd miss her too much. Your parents must be too busy or else they wouldn't have let you leave. (Note: from this I inferred that they think my parents don't miss me. They do, for the record).
3. Is your boyfriend cute? Do you love him?
4. How do you live here with all these Italian people? (Note: why did you come on vacation here if you did not want to be around Italian people?)
5. What do you do without Target or Walmart?
6. Do they have doctors here?
7. Is Chilean Sea Bass your local fish? Me: No, that's probably the local fish of Chile. Man: Ohhhh. So you don't have it here then?

and, of course, my favorite:

7. Do they have November here? (This, I understood, was the woman's way of asking me if they have a fall weather change, but, honestly).

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